Saturday, January 07, 2012

Photo Gallery

When we moved into our house 6 years ago I was so excited about the upstairs hallway which is open to the first floor (home decor is highly exciting to me ;-). I thought it would make a fabulous family photo gallery and would keep all the photos in one place rather than all over the house which, to me, feels like a lot of clutter. I unpacked all the framed photos and threw them up on the walls. Over the next 6 years as our babies grew and we unearthed our own childhood pictures I added to the gallery and it stretched out across the hallway like an unorganized, uncoordinated parasite. On my ever expanding house "to do" list was redoing the wall but, as is usually the case with home improvement, other more pressing tasks took precedence and the photo wall dropped to the bottom of the list. Fast forward to new year 2012. I sat on the couch in the living room still surrounded by the aftermath of Christmas and looked up at the photo wall. Something in my neurotic subconscious clicked and moved to the forefront of my mental "to do" list. I HAD to fix that wall! I called my mom for an urgent consultation on the proper way to group, space and hang the photos. She rushed over and 4 hours later we had a cohesive, organized and even wood tone categorized, beautiful gallery. Almost. As OCD as I can tend to be I stayed true to my nature and spent the next couple of days tweeking the wall. Spacing here, switching there. And THEN I was done. The final step was to order a fab vinyl sticker quote to top it off. It hasn't arrived but is on order from Two Pink Shoes. While I anxiously await its arrival I decided to share the almost finished gallery. So here it is!

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