Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Can there really ever be too much glitter?

If you've been reading (not really sure anyone is actually reading) you know that I've found my Valentine's spirit this year for, really, the first time. I find my eye caught on all things red, pink or heart shaped. So when my fabulous friend Jessica showed me her new gel nail glitter hearts, I have to say, my heart skipped a beat. Ok - super cheesy, but I really did find a bit of joy in just how p

retty the reflective hearts and transluscent octogons were. I have always loved jewelry and make up as long as I can remember - the truely "girly" things. They make me feel feminine and bring a little bit of extra happiness to my days. Fun nails seem like an extra bit of jewelry that allows you to express your creative side but are nothing too permanent. You can change with the seasons, go over the top glizty or keep it simple. So here is my ode to Valentine's Day 2012 as expressed by my nails ;-)

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