Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crochetin' around the house...

Many, many years ago my dear friend April taught me how to crochet. It was quite a humorous lesson in that she is right handed and I am left. This resulted and much turning around and trying to figure out the front from the back and the left from the right. Eventually, however, I figured it out and promptly went out and bought my weight in wool to make my husband, who was then my boyfriend, a large blanket. I intended for it to be a rectangle. It ended up as some sort of quadrilateral which was much skinner at the end than at the beginning. Thus began the trial and error of my crocheting career. Learning how to keep a consistant tension through the piece, experimenting with different stitches (though I really only know one official stitch and have made up a few of my own for good measure) and working with several types, colors, weights and textures of yarn. Throughout the years my passion for crocheting has had its ebs and flows. Recently I got the bug again and was inspired to try some new things. I have been coveting eternity scarves which have no beginning or end but merely slip over the head to snuggle the neck in cozy wooliness. I never even thought about trying one because I have no idea how to crochet a circle and have never even attempted to read a pattern. After the success of my faux legwarmers I had a sudden realization that I could do the same thing (stitch up the ends) with an eternity scarf. My excitement could'nt be contained and an hour later it was complete. After such a success I am now on my third one. I am sure my enthusiasm will wear out eventually but for now I will revel in my wooly love for all things crocheted


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