Friday, March 23, 2012

Best Pillow Yet!

For anyone who stayed tuned in to see what the pillow surprise was - here it is! This was an apron from Anthropologie acquired on clearance. The first time I saw it I thought "what an amazing pillow that would make!” Against my instincts I put it back and left the store without it. Due to my Anthropologie addiction I was back a few days later and had decided that if it was still there I would buy it. And lo and behold, there it was! It’s a burlap sack (probably not authentic) with French printing, pockets and embroidered flowers. Just the most gorgeous piece of fabric I think I have ever seen. Its so itchy and rough it would make a terrible apron but so gorgeous it makes a perfect decorative accessory. The trick was figuring out how to cut it and finding the right size pillow insert. Trusty IKEA had just the ticket - a 16 in. square down pillow. I used it as a guide for cutting the top of the apron off and because of the slope of the upper portion, had to use a couple of pieces of the excess to make it square. I used natural linen for the back and whipped it together in no time. Until I realized I hadn’t sewn in an opening. Obviously my zeal to complete this fabulous new pillow got the better of me and I sat there kicking myself for rushing and making such a junior varsity mistake. I undid the seam on top enough to wedge the rolled up pillow inside and sewed it closed. Unfortunately, due to this mistake the cover is not removable but I decided that it would do because its a purely decorative pillow. If its too itchy to use as an apron it is certainly uncomfortable as a pillow. I am so pleased with the end result I would really like to go back and grab another of the clearance aprons - there are 2 left... uh oh!

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