Monday, February 20, 2012

The Evolution of the Eternity Scarf

Not long ago I wrote about my excitement over learning to crochet an eternity scarf. If you remember, the "eternity" part eluded me but I figured
out how to fake it with well hidden stitches connecting the two ends. I kept messing around with my crochet hook and, to my extreme joy (and mostly by accident), made an actual eternity scarf. Through several skeins of yarn and about a week, my Frankenstien scarves turned into beautiful, seam-free, creations complete with the quirky twist I love so much. The excited recipients who benefited from my trial and error are now sporting these all around town. I may just go into business...

From left - slate blue stitched together with no twist, grey stitched together with twist, indigo and moss green both no seam, no twist - and the masterpeice - cream, no seam and with a twist.

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